Rediscover winter from a new perspective
— Ousman Sey

Escape the city and the stress of cold winters in the grey by joining Laax Winter Retreats. With our philosophy and drive to learn. Laax Retreats offers an exclusive insight to a fully inclusive winter experience, where learning and personal development are our top priority.

These retreats offer solo travellers and riders to join a community to learn together, without the hassle of planning all the intricacies of the snow experience.


Why Laax Winter Retreats?


Daily Prehabilitative and rehabilitative Yoga

This exclusive retreat offers an intimate, focused experience where individual development is our top priority. Together, alongside experienced teachers and movement experts, we believe that playfulness and fluidity are essential components for learning. We will explore the different dynamics and qualities necessary for a truly transformative practice.

Our morning sessions are designed to wake up the body and invigorate the mind. Preparing you for the day ahead. Our evening sessions focus on relaxation and restoration. The aim of these sessions is to allow the body to recover from the day’s activity, unlock any blocks, unwind and promote healthy recovery.

State of the Art Food and Accommodation

The Riders Hotel is more than just a comfortable location for hotel guests, it is a focal point for musicians, art lovers, athletes, foodies and connoisseurs, dane lovers and peaceful folk of all kinds.

You will be part of a intimate group of like-minded individuals, living and learning together. The Riders hotel balances comfort and warmth for social gatherings and serene solitude.

An artistically architected contemporary environment, The Riders hotel compliments nature with home comfort.

All inclusive Winter Package

Encourage Retreats Winter offers an all-inclusive package encompassing snow passes, equipment rental and expert guidance throughout the week.

Our package offers you blue line VIP tickets, which gives you VIP access to lifts and lounges, queue skip and other exclusive offers across the mountain.

The removal of stress organising your holiday allows you to focus solely on learning and enjoying.